We pride ourselves on the quality and range of hair transplant instruments and services we offer to our customers. We are committed to constantly improving the service we provide to our customers by adding new innovative products, solutions and services to our customers. Guru hair surgicals is a market leading supplier and distributor of high quality hair transplant instruments.
Innovative, accurate, easy-to-use, and reliable are words that describe a Guru hair surgicals product. Each represents an unparalleled investment because it is designed with the customer in mind, delivers outstanding performance and is backed by superior customer support. All Guru hair surgicals products are designed, tested and manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards at our facility at Jaipur in India.
We understand that your priorities differ; from balancing cost and comfort within the operating theatre, to ordering specifically designed punch, foreceps, magnifiers, GCTM, machines etc., we are dedicated to meeting your specific requirements.