Graft constant temperature machine(GCTM)/Graft chilling machine

(12 customer reviews)

*This is a compact device to maintain the temprature of graft outside the body.
*This device can be used to store the grafts at constant temperature so as to
provide their survival and optimise the outcome of the surgery.
*It maintain a constant temperature of 3 to 7 degree C which is optimum for the
follicle survival in vitro.
*Designed in such manner that it can hold 5-6 petri dishes with hair follicle at
constant temperature during the hair transplant procedure.
*After using this machine there is no need to change ice packs again and again. So there is better graft survival which is helpful to goal patient outcome.


12 reviews for Graft constant temperature machine(GCTM)/Graft chilling machine

  1. Vishnu

    One of the best machine for hair follicles ……I think every surgeon must go for it …..

  2. danish agarwal

    Really its amazing machine ………..

  3. ankit

    Good thing for hair follicles

  4. manuj kaushik

    am using it past 1 month …….i am too happy with this machine

  5. hanuman

    this machine decrease our headache to change ice packs again and again.wish you all the best

  6. Manishankara

    We have been using cole chiller machine which was good but there was no sufficient spaces for place Petri dishes or Bowles . I got recommendation in heyderabad conference by a Hair transplant surgeon . We are using GCTM from last 1 month . This is fantastic because it’s chillin power very good or I mean temperature always constant . It’s top most plate area is sufficient like we can easily put 5-6 dishes on it . We are very happy with this…………👍
    Thank you Guru Hair Surgicals

  7. Marc grew

    GCTM is really maintains temperature of grafts. There is no any fluctuation. 100% recommend. I will say one word for this machine ……Wowwwwww. You can go for it without hesitation.

  8. Stephen kruye

    I am from Colombia. This is unique device which provides only this company. I recommend 200% for this device and also recommend for Guru hair surgicals company

  9. Andretruvei

    Great device

  10. Dr Marc

    Hiiii ….I am Dr Marc from France. Device provide constant temperature by which follicle survival rate also increase. Great device

  11. Tramidkov

    Guru company always provides unique experience like graft chiller machine

  12. Polavo Edgar

    A+++……very good

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