I, Dr. Akhil Agarwal, Plastic and Hair transplant surgeon at Jaipur, hereby certify that I have been using GURU hair surgicals instruments since long time. Their fue punch is very sharp with precise shape and it gives minimum transaction rate while during the procedure.Read More


Date of posting: August 22, 2017
Posted by : Dr. Akhil Agarwal

We have been using GURU hair surgical punches since long time.We were initially using imported punches but now we have shifted to GURU punches as they offer equally good quality and durable punches at much affordable price and easy to procure.Read More

Date of posting: August 22, 2017
Posted by : Dr.Aklish Jain

I am using various instruments of GURU hair surgicals and they have excellent punches with least transaction rate.Their hair transplant forceps have perfect grip.Their instruments are very ergonomic in angulation.Magnification loupes are very comfortable and clear vision.Working distance also perfect.

Date of posting: August 28, 2017
Posted by : Dr. Prashant Goyal

I am using your products since couple of months and i am extremely satisfied with the results of this products.Specialy the punches and small blades(cts-blade) for the transplat of hair. I feel excellent because quality is fantastic.I can recommend GURU hair transplant products.

Date of posting: August 29, 2017
Posted by : Dr. Marc Beaumont Roscher

Guru hair surgicals is really a break through in the field of hair transplant related instruments , specially it we talk about indian manufacturing companies.Not only them instruments are superior quality , also they are very much reasonably prised . Specislly likr their punches , magnifying loupes and graft constant temperature machine [GCTM]. Ihighly recommend GURU surgicals and wish all the very best for their future endeavours.

Date of posting: August 31, 2017
Posted by : Dr. Prashant Agarwal

The GURU punches are most advanced and super quality punch and its internally sharped edges virtually glide into tissue without any pressure.
After using your punch i am happy because its increase my graft quality and numbers too, it only leaves fine scar on donor site. Multiple grafts are also good under microscopic view.
Graft chilling machine is fantastic.
GURU’s magnification tools are also comfortable in use.
GURU instruments is one stop destination which meets all my need about hair transplants instruments with unmatched quality.

Date of posting: September 24, 2017